'Rainbow Bridge' Chakra Necklace

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The 'Rainbow Bridge' Chakra Necklace by Quirky M, was originally designed as a gift for participants of "The Sacred Sister Circle' in Bathurst NSW, which I co-host. We like to give our sisters a goodie bag of information and gifts relating to the theme of each circle. 

The Chakras are often referred to as "The Rainbow Bridge" as they are believed to form a bridge between matter and consciousness, Heaven and Earth.

This necklace is made from a 42cm black waxed cord with a 5cm extension chain. It is adorned with a pendant, made with the loving intention of assisting in the balancing of the Chakra System. A Stainless Steel Lotus Flower Charm heads the pendant, which then flows down to the Seven Chakras which are represented by Anodized Aluminium rings in the corresponding colours of the Chakras. Silver rings connect each 'Chakra' as a symbol of the spine along which the Chakra's run and a symbol of the heavenly connection. The pendant is finished off with a Stainless Steel 'Om' Charm.

An Affirmation Card is included with this necklace, which can be used during meditation or can be used to recite when you feel that you may need some balancing in a particular Chakra.

For further information on the meaning behind the design, you can click here.