QM Mandala Earrings Range

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These QM Mandala Earrings were created with the intention of bringing peace, creativity and the power of expression to the individual wearing them. 

Each earring is made by patiently weaving tiny Anodized Aluminium rings onto a 30mm metal frame, attached to Stainless Steel studs. 

There are a range of beautiful colours to choose from. Contact me if you would like a different colour option.

Also be sure to check out our 'Fruit Hoops' range - a fun and quirky take on these Mandala Earrings.

 'Mandala' is a Sanskrit word for 'circle' or 'disk'.

A Mandala is a design, artwork or drawing within a circle. It has been used by many religions and cultures. The main purpose of a mandala in any culture is to assist in centering a person or community and bring awareness to one's place or purpose within the universe. It is a tool for expressing and connecting to your Higher Self. 

The Higher Self is the voice of the Soul. Creating a best friend relationship with your Higher Self can provide immediate and insightful help for the challenges of everyday living.