'Loving Support' Bracelet

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Are you wanting stability in your relationships? Then this could be just the bracelet for you.

This 'Earthy' wrap bracelet combines 'Pink & Black Rhodonite' with 'Peach Moonstone'.

Pink & Black Rhodonite is like a double-shot of goodness. Pink relates to the Heart Chakra and therefore this stone is a great companion for matters of the Heart (Physical, Emotional & Spiritual). While Black relates to the Root Chakra, which is all about stability, safety and grounding.

The combination of the two colours in this gorgeous stone means that you will have great support in your quest for stable, safe and loving relationships (including that with yourself – The most important one of all!)

Peach Moonstone is a wonderful manifesting tool and is all about acceptance, passion, creativity and loving energy.

Also great bracelet to gift to a friend after a break-up, to offer loving support.

The bracelet features 6mm round gemstones, complimented by 4mm stainless steel round beads and two stainless steel heart charms. Option to choose just one or no charms if preferred.