Are you looking to connect with like-minded women, who understand you on a soul level? Would you rather be hanging out doing meditation and fun rituals instead of spending your time in the club? What about just having the space to have an open conversation with other women in a safe space.

This June Circle is going to be a beautiful Winter Solstice Celebration. 

Winter Solstice or otherwise known as Yule. 

On the winter solstice the Sun travels the shortest path through the sky, and that day, therefore, has the least daylight and the longest night.

In a spiritual sense, no matter your tradition, this is an ideal time to embrace your inner self and reflect on who you are and where you’d like to go. This is a perfect time for reflection, introspection and intention setting. Honor your stillness. Understanding one’s emotions, motivations and desires are crucial in order to manifest the life you wish to live. Mapping out a vision board and strategy for the year to come, often in the form of resolutions, can help you to get moving.

Inner Light Collective’s Erin Sharwood, and  Michaela Ford (As Above Insight) and Megan Rayner (Quirky M) bring you SACRED SISTER's CIRCLE, a space for you to have some fun, open up, connect with new people and be in a space of comfort and security. You may be at the start of your self-development journey and are just learning about the law of attraction, mindset and the things that come with shifting your perception. You may never have tried meditation before but think you would like to give it a go. You could be a seasoned pro and love everything woo woo. The sacred Sisters circle has you covered.

Each circle will have a brand new highlight. A fun adventure of rituals and workshops from meditation, manifestation, moon ceremonies, flower crown making, creative projects, dance, astrology, crystals, Oracle cards, Vision board workshops, womb healing, Gratitude circles, Yoga, Sound healing and so much more. You will receive your own astrological charts, which Michaela will create for you and explain. Megan will take you through a Meditation.  We will guide you in a Manifestation and Candle ritual.  And you will take home some goodies with you. 

 Limited spaces are available so make sure you get in early. 

Get your ticket here:

Sacred Sister Circle Winter Solstice Celebration June 19 – Inner Light Collective