'Rainbow Bridge' Chakra Necklace

‘RAINBOW BRIDGE’ CHAKRA NECKLACE                            by Quirky M

The theme for our March 2022 Sister Circle was “The Chakras”. When deciding on what to make as a gift for the participating sisters for this Circle, I spent quite a few hours trying out different designs and ideas but none of them really resonated with what I was hoping to portray and pass on.

Finally, I came up with the design for the necklace that was gifted in our goodie bags. As soon as I started making the draft piece for this design, I knew that this was the one. It was by far the simplest and plainest of the multiple designs but it just felt right.

My original plan was to use gemstones that corresponded with each Chakra. But hey, that’s what everyone does, and I really wanted to make something a little bit different. So, I decided to incorporate my love of Chain Maille Jewellery into the piece.

‘Chakra’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’ and they are often referred to as a spinning vortex of energy. Therefore, the colourful rings that I used in the necklace really resonated with my mental image of a Chakra.

1st          - Red (Base / Root Chakra)

2nd        - Orange (Sacral Chakra)

3rd         - Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra)

4th         – Green (Heart Chakra)

5th         – Blue (Throat Chakra)

6th         - Indigo (Third Eye Chakra)

7th         - Violet (Crown Chakra)

As the Chakra’s run along the spine, the silver rings joining the different colours represent the spine / bridge between each one.

I decided to use the Lotus Flower Charm at the top of the pendant for two reasons. Firstly, The Lotus Flower has strong connections to the Chakras and is often used to depict each chakra in pictures. Secondly, the Lotus Flower is symbolic in Hindu, Buddhist and other religions, as this beautiful flower can only grow in mud, but is not tainted by it. The Lotus’ roots grow in the mud and the flower grows and blossoms above the water. Each petal opening one-by-one. Therefore, The Lotus Flower represents our life journey. The mud representing the suffering that we all experience at some point (pain, grief, hurt, sadness) but if we can heal and overcome life’s obstacles one-by-one, then we will bloom into the beautiful flower we were always meant to be.

The Charm at the very bottom of the pendant has two meanings.

  1. Sanskrit symbol for ‘Breath’ – There is no life without breath.
  2. Hindu symbol for ‘Om’ which denotes the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness and inner self.

 The Chakra’s are often described as ‘The Rainbow Bridge’ as they form a bridge between matter and consciousness, Heaven and Earth.