The more I read about Pearls the more drawn to them I become. What a treasure-trove of goodness they are. Here are just some of the wonderful things I have discovered about these natural beauties.


The Goddess Connection:

Pearls have a strong association with Feminine Energy and the Inner Goddess.

It is believed that these gems of the sea can assist with feminine sexuality, fertility, childbirth and digestion (they can help with bloating too). This being the case it is no surprise that they are connected to the Sacral Chakra System.


Physical Healing Properties:

These amazing little balls of goodness just keep on giving. It is believed that they have some pretty crazy frequency of energy vibrations that when worn can make them able to assist in healing and rebalancing deficiencies in the human body. Throughout history they have been used to treat an array of conditions effecting the muscles, digestive tract and even the skin.


Spiritual and Emotional Benefits:

Pearls are also associated with focus and wisdom and can be used to assist with emotional control, avoiding anti-social behaviour and irritability. They are believed to have a Calming and Centering effect and may assist with strengthening qualities of Faith, Integrity, Loyalty and Purity.


Astrological Signs and Birth Stone:

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

Cancer (June 21 to July 22)

 Birthstone for the month of June